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Atlanta Arab Festival

Bring the family to the 9th annual Atlanta Arab Festival.

1:14 PM, Apr 24, 2014

Puddles is Atlanta's sad clown with a golden voice

A 7-foot clown walks into a circus-themed corn dog restaurant and is mostly ignored. They don't know what's about to happen. I do. 

8:42 PM, Nov 26, 2013

John McNeil free, 6 years after murder conviction

John McNeil barely said a word as he walked out of the Cobb County jail, a free man after six years behind bars. His first request, simply to breathe.

8:50 PM, Feb 12, 2013

The Bluff: Atlanta's forgotten community

An astonishing number of home vacancies -- more than half -- has turned what should have been prime real estate into crime real estate.
Welcome to the Bluff on English Avenue.

8:04 AM, Nov 3, 2011

DA seeks the death penalty in Emani Moss case

Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter filed paperwork Friday seeking the death penalty for the parents of a girl whose emaciated and burned body was found in a trash bin.

7:46 PM, Jan 24, 2014

Police: Fla. teen accidentally shoots off his penis and testicle

A teenager is recovering after police say he shot himself in the penis and testicle while cleaning a gun he just bought.

11:15 AM, Sep 12, 2012

Clayton County officer dies after Stockbridge shooting

A Clayton County police officer has died after a shootout at the Motel 6 in Stockbridge.

10:31 AM, Dec 19, 2012

Is Sandy this election's 'October surprise'?

An historic storm has further clouded an already impossible-to-predict presidential election.

8:14 AM, Oct 30, 2012

6 skeletal remains found in cars at bottom of Okla. lake

It began as routine training with new sonar equipment on an Oklahoma lake. But what highway patrolmen found from their boat was macabre.

9:01 AM, Sep 19, 2013

DFCS summary of the life and death of Emani Moss

A DFCS case summary shows state welfare workers dismissed five out of six abuse reports concerning 10-year-old Emani Moss.

8:37 AM, Nov 8, 2013

3 MS-13 members sentenced to life in prison

Three members of the MS-13 gang have been sentenced to life in prison for committing murders in DeKalb and Gwinnett.

7:08 AM, Dec 20, 2013

Six month manhunt ends in arrest of alleged Cobb County cop shooter

A six-month manhunt for the suspect responsible for shooting a Cobb County police officer ended with the arrest of 19-year-old Shymel Young. 

8:19 PM, Jan 3, 2014

Man presumed dead after home collapses in Tampa sinkhole

A Florida man fell into a sinkhole that opened suddenly beneath the bedroom of his suburban Tampa home, calling out to his brother for help as he fell, the brother said.

4:03 PM, Mar 1, 2013

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Look at the must-have holiday gifts for the family.

3:46 PM, Nov 20, 2013

GA Lawmakers Table English Only Driver's License

The Georgia House put the brakes on a bill that would mandate Georgia driver's license exams for permanent residents be given only in English.

2:53 PM, Feb 9, 2011

Ted Hall's son's brain surgery successful

Ted Tweeted this afternoon "Keaton's surgeon Dr. Brahma says he got it all out! Quiet days in the hospital ahead. Thank you all for the support!"

3:00 PM, May 8, 2013

Atlanta Braves moving to Cobb County in 2017

The Atlanta Braves announced Monday morning that they plan to move to a brand new stadium in Cobb County for the beginning of the 2017 baseball season.

12:41 AM, Nov 12, 2013

Try It Before You Buy It: GoGo Pillow

The GoGo Pillow can also hold a tablet for easy use. A viewer tests it as a pillow and a tablet holder.

8:16 AM, Aug 12, 2013
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