Free Apps to Find Your Cell Phone

10:43 AM, Mar 28, 2012   |    comments
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Americans lose $30 Billion worth of cell phones per year! So you need to protect yourself.

Atlanta: Have you lost you smart phone? USA Today reports that Americans lost $30 billion worth of phones last year.

     The good news is about half were eventually recovered but still... That's a lot of money.  The Study by Lookout Labs incorporated said most people who lose their phones do so at night, between 9pm and 2am, most often at coffee shops, bars, workplaces and restaurants.

     A lost phone cost you more than a few hundred dollars if it isn't locked, especially if you have credit card account and banking information stored.

     Both iphones and android phones have apps available that will locate your phone if you lose it, so you may want to download one if you haven't already.

     Lookout Mobile Security has a free app to find your phone and back up its data.  If you are worried your child will lose an expensive cell phone, there are some less expensive plans designed for families.













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