Marsha Thomas

4:36 PM, Mar 9, 2012   |    comments
Marsha Thomas
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What can I say - in 2.5 hours this week - you were able to draw out the fears, emotions, sweat and tears from my body during your workout.  

It was fantastic to find out that I walked an 18 minute mile - my goal is now to make it 15mins.  WOW - I hadn't done basic high school calisthenics - Jumping jacks, toe touches, running the ladder since the late 70's!  

What a rude awakening of my former self vs. what I'm able to do now.  

Your workouts have made me WANT TO BE HEALTHY EVEN MORE THAN EVER NOW!!!   I will not give up - You challenged me and you motivated me.   

I truly appreciate you being "in my face" - I appreciate you reminding me by asking "What is holding You Back from Your Greatness?" - (I said nothing) but you truly TOLD THE TRUTH - "YOU"! 

 I am on my way to feeling and being a better person overall - because of your help.  Being overweight can kill your self-esteem - I've let it do that - so I see your workouts as a way to begin to Love Me again!   Thanks for helping me start to "Working It Out!"

Have A Good One!

Marsha T.



Todays workout was awesome!  I thought I would really be sore, however I am not.  It was easier(lack of a better word) today as opposed to yesterday.  
You work us Sloan!  Not to hard, just challenging enough so that we want more:)
Truly, our wrap up sessions are wonderful.  We all need to get in touch with those emotions that run deep.  Those life changing issues that caused us to put on this weight in the first place.
Good job:)

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