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1911 is a historical film of how the Republic of China came about after the rebels overthrew the Qing Dynasty.

Jackie Chan shares the screen with co-star Winston Chao, who plays Dr. Sun, the leader of the rebellion against the Qing Dynasty. He is an idealist, strategist, fundraiser and friend to Huang Xing (Chan), the 8-fingered general who leads the rebels on the field of battle.
This two-hour movie takes us through the rebellion from beginning to end, sharing in the ups and downs, hardships and wins. You can easily see Chan's passion for this time period drama all over the screen. His production company financed the $30 million picture and truly did a tremendous job bringing the war to life.

This is the 100th film for Jackie Chan, who is now 56. He co-directed 1911 with Li Zhang, who made his name as a cinematographer for films Red Cliff Part 1 and Red Cliff Part 2. The film is rated R for war violence. It is also in Cantonese so prepare for subtitles.

If you are a fan of war films, historical pieces, Chinese history or even just a fan of Jackie Chan, you will probably find something to enjoy about this movie!

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