Try It: RoboMaid Floor Cleaner

10:30 AM, Nov 20, 2009   |    comments
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Wood floors are beautiful but keeping them looking their best means endless vacuuming and mopping.  The RoboMaid claims it will sweep the floors so you don't have to.  We try it out.

Susan Pettit has lots of wood floors. With a dog and cat and kids, she has to vacuum a couple of times a week. So she hoped that the $15 RoboMaid might be the help she's been looking for.  "It would just be nice to have something do the vacuuming besides me," she said.

So after charging the robotic ball and attaching the electrostatic pad to the cleaning frame, Susan turned the unit on and set it on the floor.   The RoboMaid says it has smart sensor technology to guide it around an enclosed room and cover the entire floor. 

The disposable electrostatic pad is supposed to attract dirt and hair like a magnet. At least that's what it said. "It missed that," Susan said.  "It's just pushing it around."  While some dirt and hair did get picked up, the unit also seemed to just be pushing a lot of it into the corners and under the furniture.

The RoboMaid claims to be ideal for wood, ceramic and marble floors.  Susan set the programmable timer for 30 minutes to give the gadget plenty of time to to clean a small office. Then she checked back.   Susan turned the unit over and discovered grime on the bottom pad.  "It did pick up some hair and dirt," she said, "so it did do some cleaning."   Unfortunately there was also grime in the corners and under the closet door.  Susan was not impressed.   "It did sweep the floor," She said.  "Would I have to come back and clean up after it? Yes I would have to."  Susan's final verdict?  "I think I would probably give it a two thumbs down."

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