Try It Review: EZ Leaf Hauler

4:00 PM, Nov 23, 2010   |    comments
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EZ Leaf Hauler
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  • RIVERDALE -- Cardel Shelton enjoys the colorful fall leaves on the trees in his backyard. But dreads all the raking that is sure to follow.

    "The hard part, once you rake them up you get them into the little piles," Cardel said, "then you got to bag them up or get them into a big pile then move them."

    The EZ Leaf Hauler claims it is a giant dustpan for leaves and holds five times more an a wheelbarrow.  It comes in two sizes and sells for $30 - $40.

    "Looks like it could work," Cardel said.

    Assembly was easy. Just run the plastic poles through the pockets and you're ready to go. It comes with two stakes to pin it to the ground.

    Then Cardel just raked his leaves into the EZ Leaf Hauler.

    "It's a good design," he said. "Actually it doesn't look like it hold that much but it held a pretty good amount of leaves."

    The EZ Leaf Hauler has handles on three sides making it a snap to move a big pile of leaves.

    "It's real easy to drag," Cardel said as he moved a big load of leaves to the edge of his lot and dumped them out. "That was real simple."

    It's made a durable woven tarp material that water, mildew and stain resistant.

    Cardel said its clever design with three sides and the handles makes this a lot better than a flat tarp for gathering and moving leaves.

    When your done, the EZ Leaf Hauler can be disassembled for compact storage. But Cardel warns that part is a little tricky.

    "Taking it apart is harder than putting it together," he said.

    While it isn't much help if you bag your leaves, but for moving leaves to the curb or a fire pit, Cardel says the EZ Leaf Hauler is very handy.

    "For the EZ Leaf Hauler," he said, "two thumbs up."

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