Naked man prowled around school

10:59 PM, Mar 29, 2011   |    comments
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NORCROSS, Ga -- Something creepy happened at Summerour Middle School in Norcross. Fortunately it didn't happen while the kids were there. But a teacher saw it and surveillance cameras on the school building saw it.

School resource officers won't show it because it's inappropriate. The video shows a man pulling his car into the back parking lot of the school. Gwinnett County School spokesperson Jorge Quintana described what happened after the suspicious man got out of his car. "He took his clothes off and walked around the building," he said.

According to a notice that went out to teachers and workers at the school, the incident happened on March 17 at approximately 8:10 PM. "This was something that was not an immediate threat to students," Quintana said.

The suspicious man was at the school for about 45 minutes. The notice said "He was aware that other persons were in the building and there were other cars in the parking lot where he parked his car."

One teacher, who left the building at 8:28 PM, saw the man and notified administrators the next day. "Since teachers are working late at night and janitors are in the building as well, we notified them to be careful and to be on the lookout as they're trying to leave school for home at night," Quintana said.

The naked man was described as no more than 30 years old. He was tall and thin and had black hair and sideburns. He was driving a white or silver older model Toyota or Nissan with a sun roof, according to Quintana.

Quintana said school resource officers looked at surveillance tapes from other days but it appears the man was at the school only one day. He said school resource officers notified Norcross Police about the incident.


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