Repairman finds woman's missing ring - six months later

5:20 PM, Aug 9, 2011   |    comments
Lois Herron, with her husband Patrick and escalator mechanic John Gravinese show off her recovered ring. (NBC/WHDH)
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CAMBRIDGE, MA (CNN) -- Six months ago a Massachusetts woman lost her diamond engagement ring from Tiffany's. Now, she finally has it back.

"I was devastated," Lois Herron said.

Cambridge resident Herron relived the awful moment in January when she lost her diamond engagement ring.

"I was emotional, very, very emotional," she said when she got it back. "I mean, I'd been devastated for months."

Escalator mechanic John Gravinese says he found the ring a few weeks ago underneath an escalator at a Boston Trader Joe's.

"You couldn't put it on your finger," he said. "It was crushed. The only thing that was actually in good shape was the diamond."

Gravinese said he found out the ring came from Tiffany's - the retailer traced the serial numbers on the diamond to Herron's husband, Patrick, who initially purchased the ring.

"A sales person who had sold it to us said. 'You are very lucky.' And I said, 'No way,'" Patrick said.

Without telling Lois, Patrick immediately called John.

"I said it would be great if we could do it, the three of us, and that he could give it to Lois," Patrick said.

So the three met at Tiffany's. Initially, Lois had no idea what was going on but was eventually overcome with joy when John gave her the surprise of her life.

"So I pulled the ring out and I said, 'Does it look anything like this?' And she goes, 'Yeah, that's my ring! That's my ring!'...She had tears. All she kept on saying was, 'Thank you very much.'" Patrick said.
"I think it gives us so much hope about the good people that are out there still helping each other out," Lois said. "And I just feel very honored to be a beneficiary of that, I guess."

"Knowing I could do something about it and I helped somebody else out is a good feeling. It's a great feeling," said Patrick.

Patrick says it took him a good two weeks of detective work to find the owners. And even though his friends told him to keep the ring, he says he wanted to set an example for everyone -- especially his kids.


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