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12:05 AM, Feb 14, 2012   |    comments
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It's tricky watching Live 11Alive Radar tonight.  We are getting a lot of radar echoes with plenty of green covering west Georgia.  But those drops falling out of the clouds are falling into some very dry air and are evaporating before hitting the ground.  Eventually, the atmosphere will moisten up and the rain will get here overnight.

Another trick in forecasting this system is that as the rain evaporates, it cools the surrounding air.  That evaporational cooling will drop the temps even more.  We still expect a cold rain here in the metro area.  Don't be surprised if there are 1 or 2 ice pellets mixing in when it starts.

The best chance of seeing a winter mix will be in northeast Georgia.  A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect beginning at midnight.  The mountain counties will see some snow, sleet and rain mixing.  There may also be some slick spots developing overnight mainly on bridges and overpasses.

After a cold start, temps will warm to the upper 40s as the rain tapers off later in the afternoon.

Check out the video for a graphical explanation of the movement of this system.

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