Atlanta doctor loses his license after pill mill investigation

9:25 AM, Mar 20, 2012   |    comments
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  • We confront Dr Michael Stanley Johnston about his role at a local pain clinic.
  • Security guard waves patients inside.
 PDF Document: License Suspension

ATLANTA -- The state is sending out a strong message to doctors. If you over prescribe pain meds, you'll lose your license. It's tough medicine to swallow for an Atlanta doctor who was exposed in a hidden camera investigation by our Center for Investigative Action.

Dr. Michael Stanley Johnston wrote prescriptions for powerful pain killers to our undercover producer, last fall, during an hidden camera investigation of a Tucker Pain Clinic. Our producer never admitted to pain and never saw the doctor. 

"You're lying," Dr. Johnston said as we confronted him about it.  However, the Georgia Composite Medical Board believed the evidence was strong enough to take action.

IN DEPTH | Pill Mill Investigation

"The board felt like based on the evidence during the investigation it warranted a summary suspension," Chief Investigator Jeff Lane said.

In the order, the Board wrote that Dr. Johnston was involved in a "pill mill."  The Drug Enforcement Agency raided the clinic after we showed officials our undercover video. However, no criminal charges have been filed.

The Georgia Composite Medical Board believes Dr. Johnston's actions posed a threat to public health and safety that required emergency action.

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